Surviving in a Small Apartment in Lagos: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Space

Lagos can be a pretty chaotic place, and to cope with the many demands, one might need to stay on the move constantly. Say you had to move from your pretty spacious accommodation to a less roomy one on the island, it could be a bit of a struggle. 

Not to worry we have the right tips for you to survive even in a small apartment. Downsizing can be pretty exhausting, if you have been there before, you will know it comes with a lot of emotional upheaval especially if you are pretty attached to larger spaces. Here are the tips: 

Declutter Your Existing Home

The first step toward making your new small home feel cozy rather than crowded is getting rid of things you don’t need before you downsize. In the grand scheme of things, it means thinking about which items you can donate, sell, or toss. Get started by creating an inventory of your belongings so you can see redundancies and inefficiencies. You’ll probably find things you currently don’t use and items that can be replaced with smaller or multi-used versions. The good thing is, you can sell those things, put the money up on RentSpace and save up for your next rent. 

Analyze Your Furniture

If you know your old furniture won’t fit in your new home, it’s time to get rid of it. First, think about ways you could repurpose furniture, such as a TV stand as a bedside table or dresser, for example. If that won’t work, look for slim furniture without heavy legs or armrests that offer multipurpose storage. And remember to always measure the floor space of your new rooms; furniture can look different in a giant store warehouse. 

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Getting rid of clothes can be a daunting task. If you have some time, one easy trick is to flip all of your clothes hangers the wrong way at the start of a season. When the seasons change, whatever is left with backward hangers goes in the donation bin. If you’re torn on whether to get rid of something, put it in a box and store the box on a high shelf. If you haven’t worn any of those items in several months, get rid of them.  

Take your kitchen on a diet

Replace bulky fridges and stoves with trimmer models. Many companies sell slim appliance models specifically designed for people who live in small spaces. Limit the number of appliances you have to those you use, or find appliances that serve a multitude of functions, like a toaster oven as opposed to a toaster. 

Reflections everywhere

Mirrors are a basic decorating “do” for any sized room, but especially for small rooms. Feature them where you can. Hang them on your walls and doors or lean an oversized mirror up against a wall. Not only will it let the natural light flow more freely, but it will also create the illusion of more space.

 You might not have all the space but you can create an illusion of it. Do not forget that RentSpace is your partner in saving up for your next rent, start today and download the app. 

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